The Skyroam Referral Program

Give 20% off Skyroam, Get 50% off WiFi of Your Choice - How It Works

  1. Generate a unique personal referral link to spread the word about Skyroam
  2. Share your link to give friends, family and colleagues 20% off any Skyroam hotspot purchase or rental
  3. Earn 50% off WiFi Service of your choice, each new customer you refer:
    • 50% off 6 Months of GoData Pay-Per-GB subscription: $27 discount
    • 50% off 10 Daypasses: $45 discount
    • 50% off one month of Unlimited Monthly Subscription: $50 discount 

Program Details & Terms of Service

  • Referral rewards only valid for Skyroam Hotspot and Skyroam Solis purchases and rentals placed by new customers (rentals must be 11+ days)
  • You may generate a new personalized referral link at anytime by entering your email/name in the form above
  • Reward redemption:
    • Program rewards are subject to verification at Skyroam’s sole discretion
    • Each referral qualifies you to redeem 1 of the 3 WiFi Discount choices. 
    • To receive your reward, your friend must make a purchase on using your referral link.
    • You will receive a rewards notification email approx. 1-3 days each time you refer a new customer to Skyroam
    • Rewards for Skyroam owners: You'll receive a unique code to add WiFi rewards to your account (applies to both Skyroam Global Hotspot and Skyroam Solis)
    • Rewards for Skyroam renters: You'll receive a discount on your next rental order
  • Skyroam reserves the right to limit the quantity of referral payments or deactivate referral codes at any time for any reason
  • Referral links may not be distributed to public discount sites or advertising networks
  • Terms, conditions, features and availability of Skyroam's Referral program are subject to change without notice and at any time